July 25, 2024
This COMIC BOOK Collector’s Item it a short story about my life as a 9 year old kid growing up in Lansing, Michigan and meeting and competing with “Magic” Johnson in our many HIGH SCHOOL battles Eastern vs Everett. It also goes into playing at Michigan State with “Magic” and winning the 1979 NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP against Larry Bird and Indiana State University. It continues with me being drafted by the Dallas Mavericks in 1981 and going on to have a 9 year career in the NBA and playing 4 years in Italy to being voted Top 500 NBA PLAYER of All-Time by “Slam Magazine ” 2011 Special Edition. Then retiring starting several million dollar companies to getting myself into a little trouble with the Federal Government on a Tax Evasion/Mail Fraud case in my $2 million dollar company to getting out and writing several books. This comic book with several colorful pictures is truly a COLLECTORS SPECIAL EDITION. A must read. Enjoy my short story about my life in this comic book.
Jay Vincent